Q1. When an unconfined compression test is conducted on a cylinder of soil, it fails under axial stress of 1.2 kgf/cm^2 . The failure plane makes an angle of 50° with the horizontal. Determine the cohesion and angle of internal friction of the soil
Q2. On a saturated triaxial cylindrical test specimen of soil if the major and minor principal stresses are 200 and 60 kN/m^2 respectively. Check whether the test specimen will fail if it is assumed that soil will have c'=5kN/m^2 , \phi'=25° with pore pressure developed equal to 20 kN/m^2 .
Q3. In a consolidated drained triaxial test a specimen of clay fails at a cell pressure of 60 kN/m^2 . The effective shear strength parameters are C=15kN/m^2 and \phi'=20° . Find the compressive strength of the soil.
Q4. An unconfined compression test yielded a strength of 0.1 N/mm^2 . If the failure plane is inclined at 50° to the horizontal, what are the values of the shear strength parameters?
Q5. What is the shear strength in terms of effective stress on a plane within a saturated soil mass at a point where the total normal stress is 295 kPa and the pore water pressure 120 kPa? The effective stress shear strength parameters are c’=12 kPa and \phi' =30°.
Q6. A CU triaxial compression test was performed on saturated sand at a cell pressure of 100 kPa. The ultimate deviator stress was 350 kPa and the pore pressure at the peak stress was 40 kPa (suction). Estimate the total and effective stress shear strength parameters.
Q7. In a triaxial test carried, out on a cohesion less soil sample with a cell pressure of 20 kPa, the observed value of applied stress at the point of failure was 40 kPa. The angle of internal friction of the soil is
Q8. If the effective stress strength parameters of a soil are c' =10 kPa and \phi' =30°, the shear strength on a plane within the saturated soil mass at a point where the total normal stress is 300 kPa and pore water pressure is 150 kPa will be
Q9. For a triaxial shear test conducted on a sand specimen at a confining pressure of 100 kN/m^2 under drained conditions, resulted in a deviator stress ( \sigma_1-\sigma_3 at failure of 100 kN/m^2 . The angle of shearing resistance of the soil would be
Q10. A sample of saturated cohesionless soil tested in a drained triaxial compression test showed an angle of internal friction of 30°. The deviator stress at failure for the sample of at a confining pressure of 200 kPa is equal to

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